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What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art which was developed in the early 1900s by Morehei Ueshiba or
O' Sensei as he is also known. Ueshiba combined the body movement of swordsmanship with the locks and throws of classical Jujutsu to create Aikido. We focus on concepts like internal strength and using an attacker's energy against themselves rather than relying on physical power. Aikido aims to foster co-operation and understanding in people, rather than encouraging victory at all costs. Consequently, there are no competitions or sparring.

What will i need to wear?

Initially you can turn up in jogging trousers and a t-shirt. If you decide to take up the practice of Aikido we recommend buying a keikogi (judo suit and belt).

Do I need to be fit to practise aikido?

Aikido can be a strenuous activity but we don't require individuals to be of high fitness levels. You will be encouraged to practise within the safe limits of your own physical ability.

From a safety perspective, always remember, it is important to be aware of your body and your physical capabilities in any physical activity at any one time. Make sure your doctor supports your participation in Aikido if you have a medical condition or you are recovering from one. 

What age can my child start classes?

Generally children can start classes from the age of 6 but if in doubt please call the number given on the contact page.

What does an aikido class consist of?

The first 10 minutes consists of stretching and warm up exercises to prepare the body. We then practise rolls and falls before a variety of techniques. Partners take turn in being the attacker and defender throughout the class and you will swap partners for every technique. Aikido is also used for defending against multiple attackers and this is often practised towards the end of the class.

What if i don't know how to fall or roll safely?

New students will be taught how to roll and fall safely during their initial classes and ongoing support will be given to improve this skill.

why do you bow in aikido?

The Japanese bow is a traditional greeting and sign of respect similar to shaking hands with someone. It doesn't have any religious connotations. We generally bow when coming onto the mat, bowing at the beginning and end of class and towards our partners when we start and finish a technique. If in doubt, bow and you can't go wrong!

For the answers to anymore questions about Aikido or training please get in touch.

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