Our regular Aikido practice takes place at Hedley Hall in the centre of Bath.

Classes begin with warm up exercises, and are then followed practicing falling safely (known as ukemi). Then we start Aikido practice where the instructor will demonstrate an exercise or technique, and then the students partner up and practice the techqniue together. We encourage students to switch partners regularly as we all have different bodies and thus, differing physical characteristics.

Classes consist of a mixture of practicing empty handed techniques (known as tachi waza) and techniques with weapons (known as buki waza).


Next class: TBC


We are now holding outdoor classes in Alexandra Park, Bath

These classes will be held on Sundays at 11:00am and will be focused on weapons training and solo exercises. Following government guidelines, the number of attendees will be limited to 6 persons and will be arranged to ensure proper physical distancing.

As the classes are held outdoors, they will be dependant on the weather so please check above to see if the next class is on or cancelled.

If you would like to attend one of these classes, please check the calendar below and use the booking form above. Alternatively, please email with your name, contact details, and which classes you would like to book.